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Staff & Curriculum

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Our teachers are educated, experienced & engaged with each child!

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Owner and executive director Yvette Anderson has decades of background in early childhood education. Additionally, she works closely with regional education mentors and child care business experts to ensure every child and every teacher has the best possible experience at Right Start.


Our classrooms use the Creative Curriculum for Preschool, which brings imagination to life without compromising academic rigor. This nationally renowned program prepares children for success in school and in life with the leading research-based, whole-child curriculum built for early childhood educators. The Creative Curriculum build children’s confidence, creativity, and critical thinking skills through hands-on, project-based investigations. It also promotes social–emotional development with support from a new foundation volume focused on social–emotional, physical, and cognitive development.

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Parent Conferences

We schedule parent-teacher conferences three times each year for preschool-age children, so that you may have the opportunity to discuss our program, your child’s progress, and/or any concerns you may have. You may request a conference with your child’s teacher at anytime. No formal parent-teacher conferences are scheduled for school-age children, however, you are encouraged to request a conference if you have concerns or would like to discuss your child's progress.

Program Perks

The Right Start Early Childhood Center offers these benefits:

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Teacher Training

Each staff member receives annual training in:

  • Child development

  • Playground safety

  • Health and safety issues

  • Preventing and reporting child abuse and neglect

1028 Shelley St Chesapeake, VA 23320
6:30a.m. - 6:00p.m.
2021-22 HONOREE
Virginia Infant &
Toddler Network
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